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Our history dates back 20 years. From the very outset, we have concentrated our focus on the sale of mobile devices and provision of superior solutions that are based on them. Over the years we have earned the trust of tens of thousands of customers including large national companies as well as international corporations. Our tailor made approach to software solutions has contributed to the success of sales representatives in many European countries. The high service standards we deliver coupled with our commitment to guaranteeing the individual needs of each of our partners have been met has accelerated their achievement of business objectives. Our accumulated experience, innovative approach to problem solving and operational flexibility sets us apart from our competitors. For more information about what we offer please visit www.mah.pl. For individual customers, we have a separate offer, which you can read more about at www.glenco.pl.


Our store in Krakow www.glenco.pl

GPS Navigation

AutoMapa licenses and updates, GPS devices, smartphones, tablets, accessories


Mobile Commerce Application,
our mobile solutions for business


Business projects based on Android and Windows


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